Monday, March 18, 2013

Cobham SATCOM adds TracStar VSAT to EXPLORER BGAN wireless portfolio

Cobham SATCOM is adding four new series of VSAT terminals to its famous EXPLORER BGAN portfolio. The new additions to the EXPLORER family come from the established TracStar portfolio of VSAT terminals. EXPLORER will be able to cover both BGAN and VSAT networks with its wide range of land-mobile satellite communication products.

The recently-expanded array of turnkey satellite communications terminals allows the Cobham SATCOM land portfolio to provide users with critical and flexible communications. EXPLORER products provide reliable voice and data links to users even in locations that lack traditional communication infrastructure. It enables voice communication, radio, data, fax, live video transmission, and other high-quality IP-based services for both BGAN networks and VSAT satellite links.

TracStar users will continue to enjoy the same level of service during the migration to the EXPLORER portfolio. Loyalists will be pleased to hear that the TracStar sales, engineering, and support staff will continue to create world-class mobile VSAT solutions and perform services in the field. Better yet, the EXPLORER team will be assisting its TracStar counterparts per the structure of Cobham SATCOM.

Cobham Satcom will shine light on its expanded EXPLORER portfolio at the Company's booth (4016) during the Satellite 2013 exhibition in Washington D.C.

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