Monday, February 25, 2013

Gilat reveals its new SkyEdge 2-c VSAT solution supports Ka-band connectivity

Gilat Satellite Networks recently unveiled its new SkyEdge 2-c Internet connectivity solution, a VSAT system which supports Ka-band and Ku-band Internet from satellite services for both consumer and enterprise applications.

The SkyEdge 2-c system employs an array of new features and capabilities, including self-installation of its Ka-band VSAT kit. Its operators can start small and grow their services to match increasing demand thanks to scalable architecture. In addition to delivering business flexibility, the Gilat solution also allows operators to customize Internet broadband services while ensuring prices remain competitive.

Gilat has recently been reinvesting in its business segments and its initiatives in Ka-band and satellite-on-the-move. The Company won its first Ka-band VSAT order in September 2012. Following the successful launch of SES's Astra-2F satellite and the resulting consumer rollout of SES Broadband Services (SBBS) Ka-band satellite broadband, a larger European ISP had ordered several thousand self-installed customer premise equipment modeled on the SkyEdge 2 Aries unit. With these VSAT systems, European households will be able to access Internet from satellite, video, and Voice-over-IP services.

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