Thursday, February 7, 2013

Astrium renews satellite capacity agreement with Intelsat

Astrium Services and Intelsat S.A. have renewed a multi-year agreement for C-band satellite capacity used by Astrium's customers in the business and maritime VSAT sectors.

Intelsat will draw C-band capacity from its Intelsat 907 satellite to ensure data connectivity and voice communication for passengers and operational purposes. This satellite capacity will be used by Astrium's new Business Communications unit to deliver high bandwidth to C-band customized VSAT users, as well as providing satellite broadband and expanded capabilities to customers in the cruise, ferry, and offshore markets.

The renewed capacity allows maritime customers to keep on integrating new services aboard their vessels and improve the efficiency of their operations through the addition of new technology. It will also allow cruise and ferry operators to offer Wi-Fi connectivity throughout their vessel for the simultaneous use of multiple passengers.

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