Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gilat deploying SkyAbis backhaul solution for MNO operator in Southeast Asia

Gilat Satellite Networks announced that it will be providing its SkyAbis cellular backhaul solution to an anonymous Mobile Network Operator (MNO) in Southeast Asia as part of a new VSAT deal with Huawei.

The Company will supply a SkyEdge 2 hub and SkyEdge 2 Pro VSAT systems to replace aging SCPC modems used in the MNO's current network. Gilat will also perform remote site installation and other similar services.

Gilat designed its SkyAbis cellular backhaul solution with an eye to supporting 2G and 3G BTS/Node B sites. The VSAT solution will boost the bandwidth efficiency and throughputs of the nationwide cellular infrastructure operated by the Southeast Asian mobile network operator. In particular, SkyAbis Dynamic Allocation Multiple Access (DAMA) will save satellite capacity by allocate bandwidth to a site as and when it is required.

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