Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gazprom taps Newtec for new VSAT platform leveraging Yamal-402 Ku-band satellite

Newtec has secured a number of contracts with Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) for the delivery of a new, complete VSAT platform that will leverage the newest Yamal satellite, Yamal-402. The Company is GSS' preferred partner of choice for the hub, modems, antennas, and other SATCOM equipment that comprise the new VSAT platform.

Until recently, the only VSAT installations in Russia were expensive and professional installations in limited hot spots in the Moscow and Saint Petersburg regions. Meanwhile, remote areas of the country were unable to access affordable and essential Internet access.

GSS intends to change that by offering satellite broadband access services to local Internet Service Providers, who in turn will supply services to consumers and enterprise customers. Capacity will be provided by Yamal-402.

The Yamal 402 Ku-band satellite had been launched in December 2012. Located at 55 degrees East, its 46 Ku-band transponders, four fixed beams, and one steerable beam can serve any location in Russia.

Newtec began offering its new high-speed Ka-band VSAT broadband technology in 2012.
The terminals it will provide to the GSS VSAT network will first use Ku-band and can later be upgraded to access higher throughput Ka Band frequencies without needing to adapt hardware.

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